Most Trusted CRM for the Security Industry

Most Trusted CRM for the Security Industry

Cancel a customer

If you want to cancel a customer, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: 

  • Click on the Customer link at the left navigation bar and open Customers List.
  • Open the Customer Edit Window 
  • Click on the Cancel Customer button below.





Step 2:

  • A customer cancellation window will appear. Select the Cancellation Date from the calendar.
  • Select a Cancellation Reason from the drop-down list.
  • Write any Cancellation Note if you want.
  • Click on the Add to Cancellation Queue button below.




  • Click Yes button on the confirmation window and the customer will be added to the Cancellation Queue.




  • A window for sending cancellation document to customer will appear. Click Yes and a print preview of cancellation document will appear.
  • Click Print if you want to have the printed copy of the cancellation document.




  • Write or edit the email address and click the Send Email button if you want to send the document only to customer's email address.
  • Write or edit the contact number and click the Send SMS button if you want to send the document only to customer's contact number.
  • Click on Send to Both button if you want to send the documents to email address and contact number both.




Step 3:

  • Find your desired customer on the queue, click on Sign if you want to sign it and click on the Action checkbox at the rightmost corner.
  • Then click on the Cancel button above.
  • The selected customer will be cancelled.



  • You can remove any customer from the cancellation queue by clicking on the Remove from Queue button.
  • You can download the list of customers in the Cancellation Queue by clicking on the Download button above.






Step 4:

Go back to the Customers link and check the cancelled customer in the list. You will find the cancelled customer on the list lined with red mark like the image below: