Most Trusted CRM for the Security Industry

Most Trusted CRM for the Security Industry

API Integrations

API Integrations by RMR Cloud

In order to keep your business running efficiently, it's important that communication with any third-party partners that are used in the day to day operations is kept intact and running smoothly. We have developed successful API integration with some of the key third-party partners in the Security Industry such as,, UCC, Forte, Equifax, TransUnion, etc.

Our goal is for you to NOT log into all these platforms and transact separately. We want interactions between RMR Cloud and these platforms to be seamless. Also, create a super friendly user interface for ultimate experience.

API Integration Partners

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  • Brinks Logo
  • National Monitoring Center Logo
  • Experian Fico Score
  • Melissa Data Logo
  • Canvass Sales Engagement Platform
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  • Jupiter Platform by Central Station Marketing